Nutmeg Grater Another straight-lined one for sensualists, this time even more slender and also profiled our spice-it! m nutmeg grater. Of course, the nutty grinding material goes best with walnut, notwithstanding we have decided to produce the grater in three further kinds of wood. Their handling is very easy: put a nutmeg firmly on the claws of the upper part, thereupon turn it in the maple base applying a moderate downward pressure in clockwise direction and enjoy the flavour of fine, freshly sliced nutmeg shavings. Its great! Hand-made, the upper part featuring a fine profiling, the lower part smoothly ground in walnut, pear, cherry tree or smoked oak; approx. 18 cm in height, varnished (alcohol-, acid- and grease- protected) and featuring a high-quality Swiss grating gear of stainless steel (10 years guarantee). The setting of the degree of grinding is made in the foot of the mills, for maintaining the set grain size during grinding. Consistent with the spice-it! m pepper, salt and spice mill.

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