SITZ-GUT! (seat_well!)

This extraordinary seating furnitures of solid wood are real works of art, created by nature, inspired by Alexander Ortlieb. Watching them, touching them, sitting on them feeling their elementary power is a real treat. For producing these very special pieces we select particularly richly grained wood, the result of endless struggles for survival; the rough cut is done at the freshly felled trunk. Following a period of resting and drying, during which the wood ripens over several years, precision work can be started sometime: What has started with the rough chainsaw, ends with the fine finish and an affectionate wiping-up of the last abrasive dust. Cracks in the wood lend every Sitz-Gut (Seat-Well) piece its own character; its untreated surface thanks to innumerable processes of grinding having become polished - provides them unexpected elegance. Hand-made from solid wood trunk of maple, ash and oak or tulip tree, approx. 45 and 50 cm in height, not varnished, exclusively ground and polished.

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